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Dr. Harald Thimm, P.Eng

Years of experience: 40 plus

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Cell: (403) 689-2558

  • Environmental Engineering.
  • Environmental Management.
  • Environmental Science.
  • Operations Planning.
  • Petroleum Engineering.
  • Policy Development.
  • Environmental Audit.
  • Reclamation.

Named Fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada, 1992, in recognition of contributions to environmental science, chemistry and technology.

Named Fellow of the American Institute of Chemists, 1993.

Named to the publications committee of “The Chemist,” a journal of the American Institute of Chemists (1995-96).

Chairman, International Conference on Water Management in the Petroleum Industry, Singapore, 1996 .

Postgraduate Examiner, Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary.

Elected to Board of Directors, American Institute of Chemists, for 2000-2003 term.

Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta.

Chemical Institute of Canada (Past Chairman, Calgary Section). Named Fellow in 1992.

American Institute of Chemists. Named Fellow in 1993. Elected Director for 2000-2003 term in 1999.

Royal Society of Chemistry (U.K.). Chartered Chemist, U.K.

Royal Australian Chemical Institute. Chartered Chemist, Australia.

Society of Chemical Industry.

Canadian Institute of Mining and Petroleum, Petroleum Society.

Canadian Heavy Oil Association (Member of reservoir committee 1987-89, member of environmental committee 1990-1995).



Professional Distinctions

Increased Understanding

We fully understand produced gas composition and Gas/Oil Ratios (GORs) in SAGD, cost effective design and operation of oilsands facilities, the origin and fate of gases in the steam zone, and pressure behaviour in a SAGD reservoir.

Oilsands Technical Solutions

We provide expertise and solutions related to controlling boiler feed Water pH, disposal water management, improved SAGD well performance, gas behaviour in SAGD, and carbon dioxide sequestration in SAGD.

Knowledge & Expertise

We can mentor your employees to help improve their understanding of oilsands related technologies and issues, and provide the necessary knowledge and analysis to allow the correct decisions related to oilsands production and operations.

Dr. Harald Thimm

We strive to help oil and gas companies to better understand oilsands chemistry and technologies in order to increase client oil production, in turn achieving greater investment return and reduced project down time and costs.

Chemistry of SAGD

Thimm Engineering has developed a method of measuring hydrogen sulphide concentrations in gas streams, suitable for SAGD operations.  We provide expertise on how to capture the benefits of low pressure SAGD in the operation of your surface facilities

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